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  • Chip Paison
    Chip Paison

    Chip Paison is the owner of Symmetry Wellness VT. Symmetry is a patented, safe, effective non-invasive physics based program, which focuses on pain relief and optimum performance through postural re-alignment. Symmetry distinguishes itself by using:

    - A patented Postural Assessment Tool (P.A.T.) to objectively measure your specific misalignments, and show them to you in 3 values so you can track your progress.

    - A movement routine or set of specific exercises customized to your lifestyle and physical capabilities are then collaboratively defined to correct each misalignment.

    - Ongoing measurements and evolving routines lead to reduction of pain through this 12-week program to provide a long-lasting effect.

    Starting from when he was a teenage helping his father with chronic pain and back problems from stooping over all day as a dentist, Chip had an interest in techniques to relieve pain and improve posture and vibrancy. To maintain his own health and well being, Chip has regularly combined myotherapy, chiropractic, massage, cranial osteopathy, tai chi and yoga in different regiments.

    Chip will utilize his engineering background, Symmetry certification training and supporting modalities in the clinic (e.g. chiropractic, neurology, and massage) to help you accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health and wellbeing.

    Go to Symmetry for health or call Chip @ 236-2470.

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